Indiana school system values professionals with social work careers

At Indiana’s Valparaiso Community Schools, social workers are an important part of the education the students receive, according to the NWI Times. In the eight elementary schools, there are three full-time and two part-time social workers available to assist the children in a variety of ways.

For example, these individuals with social work careers may help a student deal with the death of a family member or their parents’ divorce. The professionals can give them individual counseling sessions or deal with these students in groups. These individuals also strive to intervene as early as possible in modern issues, such as cyber bullying, the news outlet reports.

The five school social workers coordinate programs during the year in order to donate goods to families. For example, they collect food, clothing, shoes, medical products and school supplies for the parents and children who are involved with the facility.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, individuals who want to hold a similar position as a social worker in a school setting should consider higher education, as a Master of Social Work degree is typically necessary. If you are ready to take this next step, the University of New England offers a Masters in Social Work Online program.

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