Social Work & The Community - How You Can Help

Social Workers:  The Heart of Community Well-Being

Social workers are in action right now in every community in America. People of all ages, in cities large and small, depend on their local social workers to lift them up during times of trouble and find the help they need.

Each community has its own unique challenges, yet there are commonalities like poverty, abuse, depression, addiction, mental health, and social discrimination. Every city and town has residents who are struggling with income equality, alcoholism, domestic violence, drug abuse, illness, and other crippling concerns.

Your social worker online degree will teach you to tune in to the most frequent needs of the communities you serve. As a social worker, you might just have access to the resources that make a difference. A few of the areas where social workers can concentrate their efforts include:

Family Social Work

Today’s families face more challenges than ever before. Unemployment and food insecurity show no signs of abating across both lower and middle class populations. These situations can then become exacerbated by episodes of domestic violence and substance abuse caused by feelings of hopelessness and frustration. A social worker can intervene in ways that can help to improve relationships and the overall functioning of the family unit. They can also help to remove children from life-threatening circumstances.

School Social Work

America’s children are in the center of a rapidly changing world that challenges their identity and self-worth at every turn. Issues with sexuality and gender identity are more pronounced than in past years, and cyberbullying by one’s peers makes growing up that much harder. Suicide is a very real concern, as is school violence. School social workers can help to buffer some of life’s negative effects and meet emotional needs at critical junctures in a child’s development.

Public Health Social Work

Public health social workers assist people who are suffering from medical concerns that have also caused mental distress. Being diagnosed with a terminal illness or experiencing a life-changing disability has severe social, physiological, and financial ramifications. Returning veterans can be especially challenged by injuries that prevent a normal transition back to civilian life. Public health social workers can be found in hospitals and throughout government agencies.

Substance Abuse Social Work

Social workers also play an important role in treating adults and adolescents troubled by alcohol and/or drug addiction. They help to educate their patients, involve family members in constructive way, and provide ongoing support during the various phases of treatment. Social workers can be instrumental in physical and mental healing by offering alternative coping skills and life-affirming decision planning.

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