Transfer Credits

Petitions for transfer credits for graduate social work courses are to be submitted at the time of acceptance to the School of Social Work. Up to 9 credits may be transferred for courses deemed equivalent to UNE SSW foundation courses with a minimum grade of “B”. (Please see page 31 of this handbook for a list of required foundation courses). P/F courses will not be accepted for transfer credit. Course electives are not considered for transfer credit nor are courses from programs outside of social work.  All courses must have been completed within seven years of your anticipated enrollment in the School. Academic credit is not given for life experiences and previous work experience.

Application for transfer credits must include the following requirements and standards:

  1. 1. Your professional statement should include a discussion of why you are requesting transfer to the University of New England School of Social Work.
  2. 2. A syllabus for each course being submitted for transfer credit.
  3. 3. Three letters of reference including:
    1. a. Two letters from someone of your choice (preferably in a faculty or supervisory role) who speaks to your professional qualifications for an MSW program.
    2. b. A third letter of good standing from the dean/director (or her/his designee) of the School of Social Work from which you are transferring.
  4. 4. Adherence to the degree requirement progression plan in effect at the time of your admission. Note: Individualized provisions may, at times, increase the total credit hours required for graduation from the School of Social Work.
  5. 5. The SSW reserves the right to require transfer students to enroll in SSW 526 Integrating Clinical\Community Frameworks as part of their progression plan.
  6. 6. Consideration of transfer credit beyond 9 credits and 7 year matriculation may be considered on a case-by-case basis at the time of admission to the School.


*UNE MSW Transfer Credit Policy from 2016-2017 Student Handbook (updated 5/11/16)

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