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Social work and healthcare reform

Social work and healthcare reform

Social work professionals can make valuable, often vital contributions to changes in policy, especially within the context of healthcare reform. With so many individuals affected from diverse racial, social and economic backgrounds, social workers are ideally positioned to offer insightful input into proposed changes. In today's challenging economic climate, when policymakers are looking to maximize value from the healthcare system, students who are earning their master of social work (MSW) degree may want to familiarize themselves with how integral these professionals can be to healthcare reform proposals.

A short history of social work in healthcare policy reform

To begin to understand the pivotal role that social work professionals play in healthcare reform, students who are earning their MSW degree may want to review these resources to gain insight into the history of social work and healthcare policy decision-making.

The Temperance Movement and Social Work Paper outlining the historical temperance movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and how the social work profession was instrumental in sparking change within this historical period.

Healthcare Reform and Social Movements Within the U.S. Text investigating the history of social workers' involvement in policymaking decisions within the context of the developing healthcare system of the U.S.

Social Welfare Resources Extensive list of recommended reading materials that students who are earning their MSW degree may find useful when conducting research into the history of social work and welfare reform. This collection of resources offers many links of cultural and historical significance that are still relevant to today's changing healthcare industry.

What role do social workers play in healthcare reform?

Social work professionals are ultimately accountable to their clients. Many social workers practice according to a well-defined series of ethical principles that makes them invaluable when policymakers and legislators seek to make changes to the ways in which healthcare is provided to the general population.

Healthcare Reform Resources A useful collection of resources published by the National Association of Social Workers, outlining various positions of policy, ethical considerations and proposals from the legislative branch.

The Healthcare Reform Puzzle – How Does Social Work Fit? An ideal starting point for students who are earning their MSW to begin their research, this article, originally published by Social Work Today, offers a generalized overview of how social workers are vital in healthcare reform.

Social Work Roles in America's Changing Healthcare System Defining text investigating the complex roles that social work professionals may perform in the context of healthcare policy reform. This text also offers suggestions for lasting improvements to the ways in which social workers practice in relation to policymaking decisions.

Social Workers and Minority Communities Within Healthcare Reform Published by the Department of Health and Human Services, this resource provides an overview of how social work professionals are instrumental in ensuring that minority communities are adequately and fairly represented in healthcare reform policy decisions.

Americans Speak on Healthcare Reform Resource published by, a nonprofit organization of community leaders dedicated to fair and equal representation of the general American population in the context of healthcare reform. This article offers several examples of how the inclusion of social workers in community healthcare decisions can have positive impacts on individuals and communities as a whole.

Testimony on the Impact on Medicare Policy Decisions in Illinois Expert testimony presented to legislators by Deila Davis, director of government affairs for the Access Community Health Network in Chicago. Davis draws on the advice and professional opinions of several social work professionals in delivering testimony on the impact of healthcare reform decisions on community health centers.

Bolstering Workforce Integral in Success of Healthcare Reform Plans Report published by the U.S. Senate Committee on Aging. This resource outlines how the training and hiring of social workers is crucial in the success of healthcare reform proposals, and its impact on the aging population of the U.S.

Handbook of Health Social Work, 2nd Edition Revised edition of a landmark text outlining how social workers can affect change in current healthcare reform plans. This text has been updated to relfect the current situation with regards to the social and human services workforce, in addition to updated information regarding present population demographics.

Primary and Behavioral Healthcare Integration Collection of resources detailing how social work professionals and human services organizations play an important role in healthcare reform from the perspective of workforce development and emerging challenges facing the profession.

Rethinking the American Social Contract Text investigating how the role of social workers has grown increasingly complex in light of the current issues facing the healthcare industry in a challenging economy. This text offers a significant historical perspective, in addition to several proposals for ensuring lasting, effective reform of the healthcare system.

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