University of New England is committed to providing innovative and student-centered learning experiences. The online MSW program at UNE is know for the several layers of support- all the way from application to graduation.

Your journey of getting your MSW begins with an Enrollment Advisor. You can count on your Enrollment Advisor to answer everything from your initial inquiries to your specific questions about the program. The goal is to make that sure you have enough information to make a decision that you are comfortable with. Once you are accepted into the program, our Program Coordinators will be there to assist you with orientation, registration, and everything in between.

Our team of Enrollment Advisors and Program Coordinators will guide you through the administrative aspect of your learning experience, leaving you more time to focus on coursework, and your future!

Enrollment Advisors

You can depend on Enrollment Advisors to provide you with information you need to complete the enrollment process on time!

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Program Coordinators

Your Program Coordinator helps you with the administrative details throughout your online MSW program.

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