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Social work and affordable housing

Social work and affordable housing

Students who are earning their master of social work (MSW) degree may find that the issue of affordable housing, and the impact it has on several other areas of social work practice, is becoming increasingly prevalent in the daily case load of many social workers. Access to high-quality, affordable housing is of great concern today, especially within the context of a weakened employment market and an uncertain economy.

Social work professionals and students who are earning their MSW may choose to devote their careers to this specialty area of practice. Social workers who work within the field of affordable housing and community housing advocacy may find themselves dealing with regional, state and federal policy officials, community outreach organizations, human services and social mobility program personnel, and even clinical and health professionals.

Overview of Example Job Vacancy for Community Development Specialist Job description for a community development specialist role. Although the specifics of job functions may differ between departments, this outline provides some guidelines as to what students who are earning their MSW can expect when working as affordable housing advocates.

Social workers and their role within affordable housing

Access to quality, affordable housing is perhaps one of the most pressing concerns facing social work professionals today. Without access to reliable, safe and appropriate housing, people can suffer ill health, children can suffer developmentally and people living in substandard accommodation may find themselves the victims of crime.

The Basics of Affordable Housing in the United States Introductory text outlining the current situation regarding availability of affordable housing, some basic factual and statistical information to provide context, and a simple overview of the types of housing that can be included in affordable housing research.

The Affordable Housing Crisis and Social Work Overview of the present situation of affordable housing initiatives in the context of mounting economic and financial pressures. This resource details how social work professionals are vital in reaching out from policy organizations to community outreach programs and advocacy groups.

Providing Affordable Housing for All Resources relating to community outreach and advocacy programs regarding access to affordable housing. This website offers a series of suggestions for community organizations, outlines some basic statistical facts regarding the lack of affordable housing, and mentions how community outreach groups and social work professionals can work together to accomplish goals on a local level.

The Economic Impact of Affordable Housing Initiatives Report detailing the economic implications of a lack of quality, affordable housing, and how community advocacy groups can work with regional authorities to improve the economic situations of towns and cities affected by these issues.

Thinking Regionally About Affordable Housing Projects Paper examining the implications of poor quality housing on wider urban areas in terms of crime statistics, the emotional and psychological wellbeing of residents, and how such projects can be justified financially.

Affordable Housing and Cross-Sector Partnerships Study investigating the relationships between regional and local housing authorities, social work and human services professionals, medical and clinical personnel and policymakers. This resource examines how such agencies can work together to improve situations involving substandard or inadequate housing for residents.

Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Resource page linking to various reports which students who are earning their MSW may find useful when evaluating the effectiveness of community development initiatives. This website further outlines criteria for the development of new projects and suggested guidelines for implementation.

Affordable housing for specific demographics

Although affordable housing could be considered a universal issue within the U.S., different social groups require varying approaches, both personally, in wider communities and from a societal and policy perspective. Students who are earning their MSW should be aware of the differing needs of these various groups in order to remain effective when handling cases where affordable housing or the lack thereof is a defining characteristic of the case.

Helping Teens Help Themselves: Affordable Housing Projects for Pregnant Adolescents Information regarding the substantial impact that access to suitable and affordable housing can have on expectant teenage parents. This text examines societal implications of a lack of such housing, including potential impacts on crime, underage pregnancy and potential substance and alcohol abuse.

Best Practices in Providing Affordable Housing to the Elderly Report published by the Commission for Affordable Housing and Health Facility Needs for Seniors. This page outlines suggested best practices when planning community development projects for the elderly.

The Psychological and Community Impacts of Affordable Self-Help Homes Overview of case studies focusing on the psychological, emotional and wider community implications of affordable housing and self-help homes in California.

Affordable Housing and the Experiences of Immigrant Seniors Analysis of the personal experiences of immigrant senior citizens on regional communities in urban environments, and how immigrants of various ethnic groups were affected.

The Struggle for Quality Affordable Housing in New York City Paper outlining the unique difficulties presented by larger cities such as New York in establishing affordable housing projects. The resource details problems that social work professionals and policymakers may encounter, and how such professionals can work together with law enforcement to reduce crime in areas identified for affordable housing initiatives.

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