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Social work and case management

Social work and case management

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of social work, case management is something that students who are earning their master's in social work (MSW) degree should familiarize themselves with. Case management is an interdisciplinary part of social work, and can often by an individual career path in itself. However, case management can be complex and can vary widely depending on the context of the clients and cases involved.

Bureau of Labor Statistics Overview Although many experienced social work professionals progress to case management roles, social and human services assistants can also advance to case manager positions.

What is social work case management?

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of case management as a profession, some students who are earning their MSW may initially encounter confusion as to what, specifically, a social work case manager is responsible for, their typical duties and how such individuals fit into social work in the wider context.

The Certified Social Work Case Manager An overview of the role and credentials of a typical social work case manager, as identified by the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), one of the leading professional organizations in the field.

Social Work Best Practice Guidelines in Case Management A paper which seeks to clarify the role of a case manager, specifically within the social work context.

Overviews of social work case management

NASW Standards for Case Management A detailed overview of the suggested standards of case management, as established by the NASW.

Social Work Case Management This definitive text by Betsy Vourlekis and Roberta Greene identifies both the responsibilities and the role of the social work case manager in a variety of scenarios, disciplines and specializations.

Social Work Practice Models of Case Management A defining text that aims to differentiate the abstract concepts of case management in social work from the administrative structure that forms the context of common practice.

Social Worker Case Management Performance Standards An overview of the expected standards of case management of social work cases, as defined by the Office of Supportive Housing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Social Services Case Manager Training and Certification Manual Published by the Education and Training Services department of the Georgia Division of Family and Children's Services, this certification manual may prove useful for students who are earning their MSW in identifying expected learning outcomes and assessment criteria.

Approaches to Case Management Supervision A useful paper which examines how effective case management should be approached from a supervisory role, and an investigation into which managerial techniques proved most effective.

Managing Care, Not Cases An article outlining how social workers involved in case management can approach cases from both a managerial and client-focused perspective. Includes a breakdown of various stages of care management, including initial monitoring, ongoing management of prescribed assistance and system management.

Social work case management in specific scenarios

Although case management in social work is interdisciplinary, students earning their MSW may encounter difficulties in identifying aspects of managing social work cases within a specific specialization of the wider social work profession. These resources may prove useful in learning about how case management can differ between social work disciplines.

CARE Act Case Management: Background and Definitions An overview of case management approaches within the child welfare division of the North Dakota social services department, focusing on case management definitions, planned objectives and critical functions.

Case Management and the Homeless: Implications for Practice, Policy and Research A detailed examination of the effectiveness of case management programs on the welfare of homeless individuals, with particular emphasis on assertive community treatment approaches.

HIV Prevention Case Management This paper, published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, could be of particular importance to students who are considering careers in clinical social work roles. The study examines effective approaches to minimizing the spread of HIV through case management.

Child Welfare Case Management Procedures A detailed breakdown of the case management life cycle and a description of each individual phase. This article could prove useful to those who are looking to develop their own individualized case management approaches.

Development of a Social Work Case Management Guideline and Model Reference text outlining and defining the necessary stages in the creation of a case management framework. The article uses the case study of a group of senior managers at the Department of Veteran's Affairs and how they developed a series of national case management guidelines.

Case Management in Long-Term Care Environments A paper which examines the techniques of a series of case managers who were rated as "excellent" in peer review boards, and how these techniques can be applied to generalized situations.

Case Management in the Criminal Justice System Perhaps one of the most complex fields in which social work case managers can find themselves, this paper outlines the role of the case manager in situations within the criminal justice and judiciary system.

Inpatient Social Work and Case Managers A simple overview of the typical roles and services performed by social work case management professionals in a clinical inpatient environment typically encountered in hospitals and healthcare facilities. 

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